Waverly Part II: Community Participatory Design

When the community informs the program, tangible goals begin to take shape: desire for design continuity, quality of building materials, exterior lighting/shading, and the need for a developed landscape plan became central factors for the redesign.


2 thoughts on “Waverly Part II: Community Participatory Design”

  1. I e-mailed Iris to get help and have not heard back them. When the scaned copy goes to word I can1;82&7#t read or edit it. I have Iris 7, Iris 9, now Iris 11 and I had trouble with them all. (Help) Thank you, Frank

  2. Yes, there are an awesome load of action sequences, which may i point out looked pretty well done ; but there isn’t much more to it – there isn’t any story , the other characters don’t even try to make a stance, and the gaps between the action sequences are just tedious.

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